Strategic Thinking


At Hororata Primary School, we have identified the following strategic goals for the next three years, to ensure that we are addressing and meeting our vision for the young people of Hororata, as well as the NEG’s, NAG’s and  National Education Priorities.  

Student Achievement

We will enhance student achievement by…
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing programmes that strengthen students’ abilities in numeracy and literacy.
  • Developing a culture of learning where ICT is naturally integrated into the teaching and learning process. 
  • Developing the Key Competencies through integrated and planned programmes of instruction. 
  • Developing and implementing programmes to meet the differentiated needs of students across all learning areas.
  • Providing opportunities for students to learn about and practise leadership.
  • Promoting an “Active Schools” culture.


Quality Teaching and Learning

We will provide students with quality learning opportunities by…
  • Implementing a broad school curriculum based on the needs of our students and the New Zealand Curriculum. 
  • Implementing assessment programmes that inform and improve learning. 
  • Maintaining high levels of staff performance through robust systems of performance management and professional development.
  • Providing the Board of Trustees with training on governance. 
  • Developing partnerships and relationships with our parents and community to enhance student achievement and further develop our school culture.


Learning Environment

We will provide effective conditions for learning by…
  • Providing stimulating learning environments for children and adults to teach and learn. 
  • Networking the school’s ICT resources i.e., hardware and software, to enhance teaching, learning and administration purposes. 
  • Enhancing the school grounds/environment to better cater for the needs and interests of our students.